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Acomforting retreat,that has kept its history alive

Unzen is blessed with wonderful scenery that changes with the seasons, abundant hot spring, and fruits of the local sea and mountains. Yumoto Hotel is a long-established inn that has been in business ever since 1695. Spend a relaxing time while you enjoy the voice of nature.

Hot spring water with a long history that has been guarded by Yuban hot spring keepers since 1695

The hot spring water used at Yumoto Hotel is spring source water that flows directly from Unzen Jigoku. Yuban hot spring keepers make great efforts to check the temperature of the spring source frequently, and manually adjust the temperature of the water, which makes the hot spring all the more precious.

Taste the seasonal fruits of mountain and sea

Enjoy seasonal kaiseki cuisine made using selected local produce.

A space of comfort and relaxation

We have a classical European-style lobby, as well as Japanese-style rooms in which you can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere.


TEL: +81-957-73-3255 FAX: +81-957-73-2126



Unzen Yumori-no-Yado Yumoto Hotel

Unzen 316, Ohama-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture 854-0621